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I have a really great offer for Coaches and other Experts who are trying to use social media to build an audience or get clients, and earning $0-$1000/month so far from their efforts.


It is also perfect for frustrated entrepreneurs who take action but have been told that they have money mindset issues or self-worth issues (this was me!)


This program will help you to quickly build up to $5K or more per month (see my social media posts where I talk all about exactly how this is broken down) by offering a few magnetic low-priced, low risk options to your audience.


These are extremely carefully strategically created and reverse-engineered with me with the end goal in mind (it has taken me 3 years to develop this exact strategy!) 


We work together intensively for 8 weeks (1-on-1) on the following:

Creating 5 highly strategic introductory offers (a combination of information products and one-time sessions with you) that will solve specific problems for your audience (so we know they will want to buy them!) as well as a follow-up strategy for how you will lead people from these 5 offers fluidly into working with you as a client (either 1:1 or in a group) for a longer period of time.


(If you already have some offers we'll review them and tweak if needed - usually any previous offers have not been created with my exact strategy in mind so they will probably need some work.)

You'll also get all of my templates for everything you need to be able to sell your offers with no cost to you. This includes sales page templates, tools for taking payment, my blueprint for where to put your offers in your Facebook group so they get seen and sell, and more. You won't have any overhead costs or need a website.

Putting a strategy into place to continually have new people finding out that you exist and joining your Facebook group every day.


I'll show you exactly how to find people who we know will be engaged members and are likely to buy things based on their past behaviour on Facebook. This way the algorithm will work in your favour from the very start of your group so there’s no need to have a big group - actually smaller groups work much better for my strategy.


With my method, if you already have an audience of ~500 people, you can easily make your first $1K-$2K in a month and move up to $3K-$5K by the second month (more info here on how the numbers work.


In the program you get 1:1 calls with me, assignments and training, Messenger access to me in between calls, and access to my clients-only Facebook group of 100+ people where you can network with others and get all my latest updates on the strategies we use.


In order to qualify for this offer, the following should be true:


You have some idea of what you would like your niche to be or what type of client you would like to serve. (If you're not sure about this one, just message me and tell me more and we'll figure it out from there.)


You must also be good at writing and you enjoy posting on social media. You're able and willing to use simple tools to create graphics.


You must already have a Facebook Group of at least 500. If you don't have this, follow my free training inside my Free Facebook Community here (THE 🔥ONFIRE🔥 COACHING COMMUNITY- Coaches & Experts Share, Uplift, Empower) to build to 500 in about a month's time.


Given the rapid financial results of this offer, my price is a low to mid-four-figure investment and it is in US Dollars (hint: so much lower than that in £'s!) - I also talk more about the pricing of this offer as well as how to price your own offers here.


If you are interested in this offer or if you have any questions then just shoot me a PM on Facebook and we will have a quick chat over Messenger to see if it’s a fit for you.


I have been coaching online via Facebook for 5 years now and I will be able to tell you pretty quickly whether you are a fit or not, so that we can get you started in the program immediately!


It would be very helpful to me if you included the following information in your message to me. Just very brief details will suffice:


1. What kind of business you have.


2. What your area of expertise is and how long you have been doing this business.


3. How long you have been on Facebook and whether you have a Facebook Business Page or Group.


4. Whether you currently have any low, medium or high ticket offers in place.


5. Your average current monthly earnings, if any.


6. Your goals (either income or otherwise) that you have from working with me.


7. What your current biggest struggles are with your business and your biggest frustrations.



Thank you.



I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you and your business in more detail.



Abbie Cornall x



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