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We are the fastest growing movement of entrepreneurs and solopreneurs globally from more than 50 different countries and from over 100 different industries! Fed up of the cookie cutter memberships for online business owners? Fed up of not getting results? Fed up of being “told” to set up YOUR businesses in a certain way?

We are the fun-loving misfits; the rebels who want to do things OUR WAY and in a way that FEELS GOOD to us as individuals. We want to connect with each other, build real GENUINE human relationships, have fun in the process AND see REAL RESULTS in our businesses at the same time!


THE SOCIAL VILLAGE allows us all to dream big and think even bigger than ever before because we are all living and learning all together inside a fun virtual village for wildly ambitious entrepreneurs.


Social Villagers enjoy a FREE MEMBERSHIP called “The Social Buffet” where you get to enjoy all of our amazing FREE BASIC LEVEL Training and you can even choose any added paid extras that you would like each month. Becoming a PAID MEMBER has its added benefits and bonuses allowing you to promote and market your businesses, learn the newest business strategies and sales and marketing tips. In essence, we dream together, we live together, we learn together and we HAVE FUN together inside The Social Village.


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